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  1. NoSignaL_1337

    My fanfic (not like others)

    Hello, this is the beggining of a story/fanfic called Eolnyss,which is also the name of the world in this story where the "World government" controls cities and bigger parts of Eolnyss. I will give you the first, second and the third chapter too see if you like it or not (please finnish all three of them). I want to be more original then many other fan fics that copies everything. Its quiet hard to knot copy anything from different mangas/stories/mythology but I have tried my best. I can write english pretty good but since It is not my mothertounge I will make errors here and there. IMPORTANT: READ ALL THREE CHAPTERS BEFORE VOTING. Enjoy. Chapter 1: Intro The dark room was clouded with smoke as the 1st lieutenant entered the room. He walked slowly , trying to avoid the big clouds, towards the black desk where a man in black cape was sitting and enjoying his last cigar. ???: What do you want Xephurus? Xephurus: I'm sorry to disturb you lord Reigor, but I have found the perfect team for the mission, as you asked me to. Reigor: Oh really? Show me. Xephurus: Here are their files, the first one, Vincent, is an ex dragon knight wit... Reigor: A dragon knight here in the "World government army"? I thought they were all killed, protecting the dragons in "the great dragon war" 85 years ago? Xephurus: Not all of them , some fled and spread around the world. But just very few ,it is estimated to be less then 20 of them left. Raigor: Oh, so he is quite unqiue then. But why is he in the very same army that killed mostly of his comrades 85 years ago. Xephurus: That, I dont know. Anyway, he has not failed a single mission yet. Our second man, or should I say woman, for the team is Holly, unlike the other two soldiers, she is a general. Raigor: A general? She doesn't look like she is older then 20! Xephurus: She is 21, she got trained from a very early age from her father who I think you know is. Captain Salvador, the legendandary swordsman, who got killed in a fight 2 years ago against the leader of the Rebel force. Raigor: ...yes. So that is his daughter. Xephurus: Yes. Now to the third one. I don't know if I made the right choice here but there is something about this kid, let me read his file: Damien Nezil , half deamon, found as a abbandoned baby outside a fosterhome 19 years ago. Joined the army recently after searching for for his ancestors, the deamon tribe,for 4 years but without results. Completed and returned alone from 2 out of 2 A-rank exploring missions. Raigor: Returned alone? Xephurus: Yes, his comrades died on the 30-man missions we knew was sucides missions in order to explore and give us information about dangerous areas of the Eolnyss world map. He has both times returned alone with information. Raigor: Hmm I wonder what his skills are, considering he is a human with deamon blood running through his veins. Good Work Xephurus, you are dissmissed. Xephurus saluted him and then left the room. Raigor spun his chair 180 degrees and gazed down on the city. Raigor: I wonder if 2 soldiers and a general will be able to complete the mission assigned for them...

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