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  1. InfiniteGachi


    join discord at https://discord.gg/VNCMcn8
  2. InfiniteGachi

    My fanfic (not like others)

    You dumbass. What part of Naruto Fanworks do you not understand? Only Naruto fanfics are allowed here. And this isn't even a real fanfic either. Go take your shit to some crappy forum. Also don't do this, you will get dedicated forum for spamming
  3. InfiniteGachi

    About the game

    Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight is a platform style game where the title and content were decided by you, the bajs. The star is Forsen, a dishevelled hobo streamer whose girlfriend and snus are unexpectedly stolen by a ‘transparent figure’. To reclaim his love and addiction, he must fight through seven levels of warrias, beating long forgotten bosses and making friends along the way. Expect well-known faces in his adventures, such as Pajlada, as you traverse your way to Spain to confront the final boss. This game realies the boundary between entertaining lidl games and polished AAA games. Each level is estimated to be 1 hour long, creating at least 7 hours of grabbing gameplay. The creators include: InfiniteGachi, the developer and streamer, Tom Streets, a talented graphic designer, and Fatherpucci1, the sound designer and renowned performance artist. Early access for the game is expected to be released in late March or early April, with the full release possibly coming near June.
  4. InfiniteGachi

    Closed beta

    Welcome forsenE 👋

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